Workshop on time-feel in jazz

Workshop on time-feel in jazz

I found Nir's lecture on rhythmic studies in jazz to be extremely well thought out, professionally presented and would recommend it as an additional educational program.
– Dr. Nathan Davis
Director of Jazz Studies, University of Pittsburgh

I haven't seen my students as excited to learn as they were during the workshop. We loved every second of it!"
– Michael Napolitano
Music Department Operations Manager, Marist College

In Jazz - perhaps more than in any other genres - the execution of musical material is more valuable than its content. Duke Ellington put it best: “It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing."

Led by saxophonist and composer, Nir Naaman, Improve Your Groove is an innovative workshop that focuses on time-feel (rhythmic interpretation) in Jazz and what makes one “swing". Using a practical approach that combines lecture, discussion, demonstration and performance, the workshop lays the foundation to improve the rhythmic abilities of any music student (with or without a background in Jazz).

The Improve Your Groove workshop presents both historical background and musical examples of this significant topic. The music of Jazz masters such as Louis Armstrong, Thelonious Monk, Sonny Rollins is explored and discussed. Top New York Jazz musicians will join Nir Naaman, on-site, to perform as a Jazz quartet and illustrate the execution and nuances of time-feel. Following the performance, each member of the quartet will discuss his role in creating rhythmic consistency in a group setting.

Student volunteers will have the opportunity to try the techniques presented and participate in discussions and a question and answer session.

Workshop topics:

Swing, articulation, beat placement, syncopation, rhythmic motive development, forward motion, group interaction

Practice guide:

• Practical exercises in time-feel nuances
• Developing internal rhythm and ability to connect with the rhythm section